About underground


I am BS, you probably know me.

So we actually are in a crisis, willappy services are down and of course underground is down too. It’s the moment for me to clarify about underground.

Firstly : I am late and underground is anyway stoped because i am in a divorce and also because i am very busy helping on willappy, I couldn’t care about underground because of theses two statements of facts.

2nd : will i carry on with underground?

Yes, underground will run somehow and somewhere but i can tell more about right now I  will inform you on this blog.

Last and not least who will be accepted on underground ?

Will havefull acces to underground :

  • The ones who grown a group on willappy
  • Donators and customers (willappy shop)
  • The ones who share dropbox   and such (Underground will only work with external services like dropbox)
  • The ones who are helping on willappy
  • if you are not in one of theses cases, you could access using an alpha pass.

Still, we are blocked right now and i can’t do nothing, so we just have to wait.

I will put more information about underground here soon.

Follow this blog and look underground news forward.

Thank you for your help and your patience.

Best regards